After months of being shrouded in plywood, the building's new facade was finally revealed in late May. It was the culmination of six months of meticulous work--much of it with hand-tools--by master carpenters Tom Dengler and Fred Livesay. Lest anyone doubt, the new facade scrupulously adheres to the design and function of the building's original 1850s commercial storefront, which was filled in with stonemasonry during a 1880s rehab job. Note the hand-blown glass panes, which are actually laminated to safety glass to conform with modern commercial code.  And if you examine the the face of the columns and the paneling on the corner pilasters, you'll see the marks of hand scrub-planing, as well as the heads of square-cut nails (yes, Tom and Fred salvaged and reused the originals). The paint is Swedish Allback 100% linseed oil paint--all natural, solvent-free, and guaranteed to last 50 years. Don't worry though, the white color is just the primer coat. We continue to research the most appropriate color palette for the finish coat. Have any suggestions? Let us know! Now it's on to installing the stone slabs on the stoop!






Just learned of your project from Dave Thune. In a world of pre-fab and big box stores, it is so great to see such respect for the value of an historic structure and such amazing craftsmanship in it's resurrection. Can't wait to be a customer!

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