Permits Issued, Construction Begins!

After three months of review by the City--including personnel in DSI's divisions of water, sewer, mechanical, code review, fire safety, parking and forestry, PED's zoning division and Heritage Preservation Commission, and a separate review by the Minnesota Department of Transportation--and after dozens of meetings, revisions, more revisions and more meetings--we finally have construction permits in hand and CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN!  A huge thanks to project architect John Yust for his patience and perseverance throughout this process, and to "Cool Hand Luke" Don Peltier of Pelco Construction, my general contractor who kept reassuring me that even though it was late October his crew could still get the rear addition and brew barn up before Christmas.  


In fact, the footings and foundation are already complete, and within a week the carpenters will begin framing the brew barn that will house our state-of-the-art brew facility, sausage kitchen, rest rooms and second-story office. Friends and neighbors, please excuse our mess during construction--it's a tight space and we're doing our best to contain the disruption. Thanks to the Stone Saloon team and everyone at the City and MDOT who've helped us get here.  

Best regards,
Tom Schroeder

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