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For the past 9 years we’ve worked our hearts out restoring the building and learning about the beers and foods it originally served. Now—154 years after the saloon mysteriously closed—we’re almost ready to re-open it again as Waldmann a brewery, lager house and wurstery named after its original proprietor, Anthony Waldmann. 

Beginning this fall, you’ll be able to come in and enjoy a classic Pre-Prohibition pilsner or dunkel brewed on site, paired with German-inspired locally sourced foods, while sitting on period furniture, next to real woodstoves and by lamplight. And just to make sure our vision never strays, I’ve organized Waldmann as a public benefit corporation. Our mission is not just to preserve a building, but to invite you into its history, to be a part of a warm and vibrant community that welcomes all and values their stories—in other words, to be a saloon with a heart and soul!

Our challenge: 
Revitalizing a historically-listed 160-year old building into a brewery and restaurant that meets modern codes is expensive. The building is solid limestone, sitting on bedrock, subject to historic design restrictions and on a city lot so small that we had to build steel scaffolding to stack our lagering tanks on top of our brew house. We’ve restored the exterior, and we’ve paid for the steel scaffolding in the brew barn, new water and sewer lines, fire suppression and energy code upgrades. Now we need help with the most important part of this project: restoring the historic interior. 

How you can help: 
We’ve tallied up $45,000 in additional restoration work that needs to be done on the inside—painstaking, meticulous work that no “normal” brewery/restaurant would face and no bank will fund. Like stripping, repairing and re-installing the original 1850s woodwork, patching and re-laying the wide-pine flooring, building five mortice and tenon doors to match the two original ones that survive, milling replacement picture- and chair-rails long-since lost from the building, and building a new, code-compliant stairway to make Waldmann’s second-story rooms more accessible—including the meeting room we’re making available for neighborhood meetings and nonprofits. We’re using all local woodworkers, carpenter-craftsmen, plasterers and painters, and their hearts are in this—but we, and they, need your help. 

A call to action: 
In 1857, Waldmann was a vibrant community watering hole and that’s what we intend to create in 2017. Even more, with your help, Waldmann may inspire others to improve their communities, leveraging our common history to forge timeless connections. It’s certainly inspired Lochlan, who’s now 8 and living in Seattle—and anxious to return for our opening! (See video). With your help, we can make Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery a reality!  



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