Built By Hand

Working throughout the winter solely by the heat of the Stone Saloon's woodburning stove, with a copy of Chapman's 1832 Practical Carpentry on the workbench (to say nothing of Templeton's Rye), carpenters Tom Dengler and Fred Livesay meticulously executed architect John Yust's drawings in a way that make the renewed facade of the Stone Saloon not just historically accurate, but a work of art. Tom apprenticed in Massachusetts, is an accomplished wood-carver and a veteran of numerous historic restorations and recreations. Fred originally trained as a wheelwright and carriage-builder, then went on to study Scandinavian folk art and craft in Sweden, and has taught at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN since its founding (among several other craft schools and festivals). Together Tom and Fred employed their varied collection of 19th century woodblock planes and other hand tools on the project, producing most of the frieze and cornice moldings by hand and scrub-planing the face of the columns and pilaster panels.  [Photography by Craig Johnson www.craigajohnson.com]







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